Group 8 camp doesn't happen, now what?

Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

For a lot of elementary school students in grade 8, it's a tragedy. Their musical cannot take place and the final camp has been canceled. Drama for thousands of kids who were eagerly looking forward to the camp. A camp of partying, not sleeping and being in an unknown place with each other.

With our climbing forests in Garderen and Harderwijk, we always have many schools visiting us during these weeks. Some stay in a nearby group accommodation and come by bike. Others stay a little further away and come by bus. It's a coming and going, and always super fun! And yes, we miss those enthusiastic kids so much too!

This is why we notice that many parents take the reins and organize a day out for the children of grade 8. The latter also noticed Erik Kroon, owner of SOS Events and the climbing forests. His own daughter is in 8th grade, so he came up with some packages. "Of course, a day out is not as much fun as a camp, but the options we now offer are well liked. We have created a package especially for grade 8 students that includes climbing, archery and a cool game by smartphone. This can all take place in and around our climbing forests. With, of course, lunch at our large and high picnic tables.

Are you still looking for an outing for group 8, or do you still want to organize a school trip? Come to Klimbos Garderen or Harderwijk and choose an exciting, fun and unforgettable day. The kids deserve that!

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