Frequently Asked Questions

Questions beforehand

Once you pay at the box office, you have the opportunity to store your personal belongings in lockers, which we provide free of charge. There is also the possibility to use the toilet. Then you will be called to put on your climbing harness. This happens under the guidance of our instructors who will tell you how to put on the climbing harness. The instructor will then check if you have done this correctly. Then you will get an explanation about the climbing, the different courses and with which materials you can undertake certain activities. After the explanation you go over our "practice course" and then towards the starting point of the courses. Here you connect yourself to our exploglider system with which you are continuously secured. begin! You have 2 hours to climb.

The ExpoGlider system is a safety system where the lifeline is hooked up from the very first point you go up. During the course it is attached to the steel cable above the elements. Only at the end of the course can it be disconnected again. As a result, you are continuously secured during the climbing activity and only need to maneuver the ExpoGlider through the turns. There is no disconnection and reconnection during climbing, like the authentic system.

We use the exploglider system. With this you are continuously secured while climbing. Also, we are TÜV certified and our instructors are trained with a multi-day mandatory course that is repeated every year.

A block takes 2.5 hours including instruction. The instruction including putting on materials takes about half an hour. So you have at least 2 hours to climb.

No, you get to choose the course you want to start with after the instructions. You have 2 hours and the opportunity to do multiple courses.

Should you still decide not to climb, you will not receive a refund of your entry fee. If you are halfway up the course and are not sure how to proceed, our experienced instructors will provide tips and help you as best they can.

It is advisable to wear comfortable-fitting clothing and proper footwear. Long hair should be put up. Jewelry should be taken off in advance.

Yes you can! You can also easily book on the day of climbing, here you can also see the availability of your desired time. You can also always call 085-0645246 to check if there are still seats available. Do this at least 2 hours before you want to go climbing!

Yes, chances are you will have to wait a long time before your turn. We recommend that you check our reservation system to see if there is still room. You can also call (085-0645246) to check availability.

You must be present 15 minutes before the start. After this 15 minutes, if you have not yet paid, the reservation may be given away to others. You can then quietly park your car, walk to the climbing forest and receive your climbing belts. Have a cup of coffee in our climbing forest at the highest picnic table in Europe.

Damage caused to clothing is at your own risk. This also applies, for example, to your glasses: we therefore advise you to bring sports glasses or make sure there is a lanyard on your glasses. Please note: you will be climbing in a forest, where the trees can give off resin! Keep this in mind when choosing your clothing.

If you are physically healthy you should be able to handle our routes. You will receive instructions beforehand and then take on the challenge step by step. Do not hesitate to ask our instructors how you can overcome an obstacle more easily. We are here to help you!

Yes, climbing can be done in many weather conditions. In doing so, the forest is extra sheltered. Only when safety is compromised, such as during thunderstorms, can a decision be made by mutual agreement to cancel the climbing or move the appointment. Not sure if the weather permits climbing? Then please call 085-0645246.

Dogs are allowed provided that:
- they are leashed;
- someone stays with the dog at all times;
- dog waste is cleaned up;
- the dog does not cause a nuisance.

If the rules are not followed, the staff is authorized to evict the dog and its owner from the park without refund.

No, you are not allowed to climb in our climbing forest if you are pregnant, regardless of the number of weeks.

No this is not allowed. Everyone who wants to climb must make a reservation and pay. It is not allowed to switch belts so that someone else can climb as well.

Yes to ensure safety there is a 120 kg maximum for climbing.

Questions about climbing with children

Klimbos Garderen is suitable for ages 4 to 104. There is plenty to do for everyone. For the climbing courses we use a minimum length of 1.20 meters. This is in contrast to other climbing parks that often have a minimum length of 1.30 meters or even 1.50 meters.

For children under 13, they must be accompanied by an adult when climbing. For more info, see our rules and regulations.

Children under the age of 13 should always be accompanied by an adult. Because we have a fuse system where you are continuously secured, it is not mandatory for children/teens over 13 years old. Of course, we do recommend climbing with them.

Per adult, you may accompany a maximum of 3 children.

Yes this is possible! Should the 14 year old not dare to continue, this also means that the 10 year old cannot continue. As a parent you must be present in our climbing forest.

Yes, we have put together some fun combinations where the kids can eat pancakes or fries after climbing. For this you do need to book in advance.

Questions about climbing with a group

Yes, otherwise there is a good chance that you will not be able to climb all together so the group has to enter the climbing forest spread out over the day. For groups, you must pay in advance by iDEAL or bank transfer.

It is best to reserve for the block in which you want to start for as many people as possible. The remaining number you then reserve in the next block. Thus, two reservations must be made. When you have made a reservation you can let us know via e-mail that you are coming all at once and would like to start at the same time. We will then give you group instruction and have you put your belts on.

Everything about changing numbers for a group reservation can be read very clearly in our terms and conditions, so please check them for more information.

Yes you can. On you will find different programs that you can combine with the climbing forest. SOS Events owns Klimbos Garderen and can therefore easily think along with you.

Yes, at the Veluwe Specialist you rent for example a mountain bike or tandem. With this you receive a route that leads to Klimbos Garderen. You need to book this activity in advance at the Veluwe Specialist in Garderen.

Because we have multiple courses we are sure that everyone can take on this challenge. Of course, participants who say in advance that they do not want to climb do not have to pay. Across the park you will find restaurant de Wildebras where you can enjoy lunch or dinner. Also check out the company outing page for some packages!

Questions about facilities

Yes, there are several picnic benches in the forest where spectators can sit for free. There is also something for the little ones to do. It is possible opposite the climbing forest to visit the play loft of family restaurant de Wildebras to visit. Here the children can play freely while the parents carefree on the terrace, in the restaurant or climbing forest Garderen can sit. Furthermore, at a short distance of the climbing forest is the Veluwe Specialist. A rental shop where among other things (electric) bikes, E-choppers, E-bikes and mountain bikes are rented. You can also, if you have a family day for example and not everyone wants to climbing, choose a package with, for example, klootschieten and a Nature Game.

The use of your own climbing equipment is not permitted. Due to safety reasons, wearing our climbing belts is mandatory.

Yes we have a limited number of lockers. Would you like a locker? Then make sure you have a euro with you that you use to lock it.

Yes, there is a restroom at our park.

No, this is not allowed. Soft drinks, water, energy drinks, coffee/tea, snacks and chips are available in the climbing forest. When you book a children's party this is included in the package. Across from the climbing forest you can have lunch, drinks and dinner at restaurant de Wildebras.

No there are not, there is only a possibility of changing in the restroom.

Questions about payment, pricing & discounts

Only those who go climbing have to pay. For spectators the park is freely accessible: there are picnic tables available and enough space to take nice pictures! If you have made a reservation but decide in the park not to go up or further, it is unfortunately not possible to get a refund.

No, Klimnastic gives you 15% off the entrance fee in the first block of the day.

No, Klimnastic gives you 15% off the entrance fee and cannot be used in conjunction with other discount offers.

Yes, when booking online you must pay directly by iDEAL. This is because of the occupancy rate of our Klimbos Garderen.

You can pay in the climbing forest only by PIN.

Yes indeed, click here to give this experience as a gift!

Transaction fees are the costs that must be made to achieve a transaction by iDEAL (or another online banking module). Klimbos Garderen charges 2% transaction fees per transaction with a maximum of €3.99.

Opposite the climbing forest you can use the large parking lot of TopParken Resort Veluwe. For the first 2 hours you pay €3.00 then €1.25 per hour.

Tickets from savings promotions can never be booked over the phone, you must do this entirely online. Go to the website indicated for the savings promotion and make your reservation there. The available times shown here are the only times possible with these tickets. If you want to climb at other times, you cannot use the savings campaign.
Are you an early riser?
Then come in the morning climb at 09.00, 09.15 or 09.30 and benefit of a nice discount.
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