Friends Outing

Head out with your friends for an unforgettable adventure at Klimbos Garderen, and make your day even more spectacular with the activities of the Veluwe Specialist! Start with a challenge among the trees of the beautiful Veluwe climbing forest, where your teamwork and courage will be put to the test on our exciting courses.

But why stop after climbing? The Veluwe Specialist is ready to take the adventure to the next level. Whether you choose to ride an E-chopper through the picturesque landscapes, or test your archery skills, there's plenty to do for everyone. Find out in the packages below!

So, gather your group of friends and prepare for a day full of adventure, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Together, Klimbos Garderen and the Veluwe Specialist offer the perfect mix for a successful friends' outing.

Mrs. Rianne Loo - Schouten: "In this climbing forest you can have a great time for a few hours, lots of variety and many possibilities. Highly recommended!"
Mr. Alfred Noorman: "Otherwise a beautiful park. Friendly staff and definitely recommended. Will definitely come back. "
Mrs. Gerda Onclin: "We had a very nice outing! We enjoyed it and the staff was very friendly and fun which was definitely a plus"
M.L. De Beyer: "Hours enjoyed many varied course great"
Mrs. Marit Gordon: "Nice staff and super fun climbing forest with lots of courses"
Friends Outing
Friends Outing
Friends Outing
Friends Outing
Friends Outing
Friends Outing

Sample schedule of your outing

Top 3 package tips

Activity / Day out Friends at height on the Veluwe

1. Friends at altitude

Show which of you is the true Tarzan or Jane!
- Climbing in climbing forest Garderen
€24.95 p.p.
Activity / Day out Crossing through the woods on the Veluwe

2. Crossing through the woods

Crossing and skidding through the woods by mountain bike. And then up into the heights for an adrenaline rush!
- Climbing in Klimbos Garderen
- Mountain biking
€57.50 p.p.
Activity / Day out You can tree in the Veluwe

3. You can go up the tree

Just kidding, of course! You just have to escape from Harderwijk as quickly as possible. Top this off with a fun climbing activity!
- Climbing in Klimbos Garderen
- E-chopper
€62.50 p.p.

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